Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bones Speak

Bones Speak
By Shane Stilson

His body lay on the cradle of concrete; the flesh stripped away, the spaces between the bones made more poignant by the absence of the organs that should have been there. No longer did the mottled flesh stretch across emaciated bones, he had been restored to a state of beautiful by crematorium fire.
    While still alive, the cancer had eaten his mind and body until I no longer recognized the man I’d grown to love. But, here he was! In the mountains of central Japan, in the region he had lived for over fifty years. Here he was on the concrete slab, in the city crematorium, next to the municipal garbage dump.
    His pure white bones screamed at me. “I’m here, Shane. Do you hear me? Take care of your wife, my daughter. Take care of my grandchildren, the last surviving memory of me on earth.”
    They had exhumed his slab the same way it had gone in. None had touched his sacred remains since my wife pushed the button to release the cleansing fire. An hour later, she huddled at my side, weeping, her father’s delicate skeleton before us.
    A man, dressed in the clean but simple jumpsuit of a recycling plant worker took up a pair of massive chopsticks from a small pedestal situated to the side, but still on top of the concrete cradle. He motioned for each of us to take up a pair of our own and removed the lid from one of two urns beside the chopsticks.
    “I did not get to see my last grandchild before I died,” the bones said. I stared back in shock. “It is your responsibility to remember me to him.”
    The man in the jumpsuit continued as though he hadn’t heard or found talking bones to be common place. He used his chopsticks to pull a small bone near the skull from the surrounding ash. “This bone is one that makes up the inner ear,” he said.
    My wife and I took the piece together and placed it in the smaller urn. The piece broke as it fell, revealing the soft tan of baked marrow inside. The process continued, a fragment of eye socket, the final link in the right index finger, a segment from around the nose, all were deposited inside.
    The partially erect skull, half buried in ash, stared up at me. “Do you remember that time at the base of Mount Fuji?” At the restaurant? When I told you it wasn’t you who was funny?” it asked.
    “I remember,” I whispered.
    “I’m not sorry,” it said.
    “I know. It’s not in your nature to be sorry.”
    The bone emancipator held up a tooth. The open doors let in a cool breeze of mountain air, but it failed to stir the palette of white and gray hues beneath him. “Your father had amazing teeth. Most teeth of people this age don’t survive the fire.
    “I loved my teeth,” the crusty white incisor confirmed. A breathless pause followed and let in the rustling of bamboo of the forest outside. “Do you forgive me?” it asked. The man holding the tooth placed it on the pedestal. My wife picked it up and put it into the small jar. The man locked the tooth away, along with the other bits as he placed the lid atop the urn.
    “Yes,” I said.
    The jump-suited man took both chop sticks in one hand, placed them against the balled neck of the right femur and broke off the ball by pushing at the top of his instruments of dissection. He placed the dislocated joint on the pedestal and my wife transferred it to the now uncovered larger urn.
    “Thank you for finding my high school yearbook,” the spherical piece echoed from the bottom of the container.
    “It took forever to clean out that shed.” I smiled. “There was fifty year old junk buried beneath thirty year old crap with worthless ten year old trinkets stacked on top of that. It was like excavating for the lost city of Tanis.”
    “You’ve always been too wordy,” the jar resonated at me.
    “I know, it’s in my nature,” I said.
    Something shifted and I looked down. A piece of rib had broken off on its own accord. “Does she love me?” it asked.
    “Does she love you?” I tested the words with my tongue. The man in the jumpsuit had followed my gaze and immediately relocated the fragmented rib to the pedestal.
    “Does she love me?” it asked again from its new position. It was not an easy relationship my wife had endured with her father; not with the drinking, or the long hours at work, or the fact that they were both so headstrong a boulder would break if it came against their will.
    My wife’s chopsticks reached across the void and gently lifted the frail bone from the stone. Tears streaked her face. Her other hand shot out to catch the treasured cargo in a moment of doubt, in case it should fall, but her transport of it remained true. She placed it in the urn and stared at the jar as though it was her heart she had put inside.
    “She loves you,” I said.
    “I know,” the rib called, its voice muffled inside of the container. “She just told me.”
    The last urn was filled and the lid returned to its proper position. The man packaged the jars in a black satin box with a white cross on the front and presented it to my wife with a bow.
    We left the crematorium and my wife turned to me as we drove away. “I can’t believe you asked me if you could take a picture.”
    “He was so beautiful. I want to always remember him like that. I could feel his presence there.”
    My wife looked at me as I negotiated a hair pin corner through the cave of bamboo trees around us. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to write a story about it then.”

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Featured Author: Melynda Fleury

    Melynda Fleury is the author of the best selling Nonsense Series. She has also written for newspapers, magazines, and recently been published in several anthologies within and outside of Wayman Publishing.
   Her books bring humor and laughter.  Although she has struggled with diabetes since youth, loss of eyesight, as well as increasing neuropathy, she always strives to be positive and uplifting. 

Feel free to visit her blog
Or learn more about her books on Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.

If you're having a hard time and just need a laugh, pick up one of her books.  You won't be disappointed.   

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Upcoming Book: The Honk of Zagonk

Wayman Publishing is proud to give you a sneak peek at Pat Hatt's next book The Honk of Zagonk.

The cup of flames turns deadly when the Frost Giant uses the cup's power to freeze all the dragons. He claims victory, dancing with his minions giving shouts of glee around him. 
    Zagonk is the dragon world's only hope. But he was shunned by his kind because his fire had no zest. 
    Can Zagonk find a way to break all the dragons free? Or will the Frost Giant continue to dance with glee?
To find out more about Pat Hatt, please visit his blog.

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Boo and the Backyard Zoo

   Congratulations to Pat Hatt. Last week his book, Boo and the Backyard Zoo, made it to #1 for children's picture books on Amazon.
    This Halloween check out Hatt's book if you're looking for a beautifully illustrated book with fun rhymes.

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Amber Alert: Come As You Aren't Hoedown

    We are very proud to support this year's Amber Alert fundraiser. We've donated over $150 worth of books by Dee Ready and EC Stilson.

    For more information about the Come As You Aren't Hoedown, please visit this site:

    For more information about Dee Ready, you can visit her blog HERE.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our Newest Author: Thomas Sullivan

    We are so pleased to welcome Thomas Sullivan to the Wayman Publishing team.  His upcoming book will be released in March of 2013.


Thomas Sullivan is the author of Life In The Slow Lane, a memoir about teaching teenagers to drive in Oregon. He is also a regular contributor at the website Humor Outcasts. During his life Thomas has worked as a teacher, a ski bum waiter, a park maintenance professional, and a draftsman. He’s even sprayed trees in the suburbs to kill bugs. Thomas lives in Seattle with a cat and a wonderful wife.

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Congratulations, EC Stilson! 300,000 Page Views

Congratulations to our author EC Stilson for reaching over 300,000 page views on her blog Crazy Life of a Writing Mom.
    We're coming up on the one year anniversary of her first book, The Golden Sky.

The final installment of The Golden Sky Trilogy will be released on December 10th, 2012.
    For more information about EC Stilson, feel free to visit her blog.
EC Writes

The Results are in!

Melynda's Labor Day Blogfest was such a success. Wayman's authors were able to raise over $1,000.00 donation for the American Diabetes Association!
    A large portion of that came from Rick Gualtieri, one of our newest authors.  Here are some of his books:

    On top of that, in three days we had over 10,000 downloads of our best-selling eBooks--and over 50,000 entries in the cash giveaway.
    Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

   Here's a listing of all the books--and authors--who helped make this event possible:

     If you're an author who'd like to be involved in the next book fair, running December 1st - 3rd, please email Charles @ and write "December Blogfest" as the subject.

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Want to Be Published?

Ever wished to be like Sleeping Beauty so you could take a nap--for once?  Isn't it a bit annoying how the fairytale princes always get the girl, or how the three little pigs always beat the wolf?
    Well, that's about to change. . . .
     Wayman Publishing is releasing Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales where authors write their own hilarious, unique, or even tragic versions of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. This could be a great publication credit if your work is accepted. Send your 2,000 word or less story to before October 31st, 2012 and you could be published.
If your story is accepted, an editor will email you by November 5th, 2012.
Please go HERE for questions.