Friday, July 19, 2013

Come Discover Unique Mermaids, Dragons, Witches and Much More

Available on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon, "The Sword of Senack" is now an engaging audiobook. The paperback version was originally published by Wayman Publishing in 2012. EC Stilson wrote this book after her son died and her daughter couldn't understand why her brother was gone. "I needed to write a story about adventure and intrigue, trying to use metaphors to explain what happened. But then the book took off, and became something quite different."

Since 2012, Stilson's fantasy book has captivated children nationwide. She's spoken at dozens of assemblies across across the western states, been to signings for "The Sword of Senack" anywhere from Utah to Los Angeles, California. And now after all of that, the audiobook version is finally here.

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The Sword of Senack by E.C. Stilson

The Sword of Senack

by E.C. Stilson

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

"The Blogger's Survival Guide" is Now an Audiobook!

Need help with your blog? 
Listen to an audio sample of this helpful guide.  The Audiobook version of "The Blogger's Survival Guide" can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon

Narrated by Doug Hannah--and already featured on FOX News--this self-help book is sure to help many readers.

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