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Laughing into the Fourth Dimension by Larry Lefkowitz

Laughing into the Fourth Dimension

by Larry Lefkowitz

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The Random Acts of Kindness Blogfest is Almost Here!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Larry Lefkowitz's "Laughing into the Fourth Dimension" Published By Wayman Publishing

For many years the stories of Larry Lefkowitz have been published in publications throughout three continents, in many genres, including fantasy and science fiction. His first book "Laughing into the Fourth Dimension, 25 Humorous Fantasy & Science Fiction stories" has just been published by Wayman Publishing. The book contains the stories written by Lefkowitz over the years, including those published in Thema, A Cappella Zoo, The Literary Review, American Film, Yellow Medicine Review, Midstream, and others, as well as in anthologies and e-zines.

Paper Skin Glass Bones published a chapter from a yet unpublished novel of Lefkowitz, "Lieberman," and said about the writer: "Your writing is classic, speaking of a legacy of style that one does not often find in our time." 

Lefkowitz wrote for many years in the United States before immigrating to Israel at age 35. Although the majority of his writing is in English, he has also had stories published in Hebrew, which he and his wife translated from his English stories.

"Laughing into the Fourth Dimension" is a moveable feast of fantasy and science fiction humor. From the first sentence of the first story: "'Green Grow the Lilacs,' the phrase unaccountably jumped into Brendon's mind, as Giselle turned, smoothly but unmistakably into a lilac bush," the reader is taken into worlds of humor and strangeness. The next story deals with the procedural difficulties of a legal suit for alienation of affection when the litigants, the jury, and the judge come from different planets with different eco-systems. One story concerns Ben Franklin's attempts (successful) to build a time machine and send his servant forward in time. Another story details the experiment to clone Babe Ruth and its effect on the National Pastime. "Ariel Duel" puts a Shakespearean handle on the genre known as Steampunk. A genre also featured in a Sherlock Holmes story, without which no story collection is complete. Another story concerns the temptations which occur when the Devil takes on the guise of a woman. Woody Allen (from the film itself) tries to help the bashful romantic progress of the protagonist of another tale. In addition there are reverse mermaids, artificial intelligence, demons (female), magic fish (a takeoff of the fairy tale), a guy who believes he sees writers, such as Kafka and Henry James, each time he goes to his favorite bar.

In short, something for everyone's literary palate – so long as it craves fantasy and science fiction served on a humorous plate.

Wayman Publishing is very proud of its most recent release, confident that many readers will enjoy Lefkowitz's masterfully told stories.

For more about "Laughing into the Fourth Dimension" please visit the following link:

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Laughing into the Fourth Dimension by Larry Lefkowitz
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