Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    100% profit (12/1-12/20) from Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales was donated in the form of gifts to Primary Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve.


Here are some of the many gifts that were donated:


We wanted to thank everyone for being part of this.  We're looking forward to the next anthology.  You can find out more about that HERE.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Now Accepting Submissions for the Myths & Legends Anthology

Myths & Legends Anthology

Ever wished to be like Zeus so you could live forever, lounge around all day, send your demigod kids to vanquish monsters, live through a boat ride down the river Styx?  Isn't it a bit annoying how flawlessly good-looking the gods are?  How Aphrodite just happens to have everything: beauty, love, A JOB?  Poseidon always get the girl.  Ares still wants warafter centuries of it.  Hestia would never dream of burning a homemade meal or eating fast food!  Pandora is as nosy as an aspiring reporter and Hades continues to be 'the next best thing.'
    Well, that's all about to change. . . .

     In November 2013, Wayman Publishing will release Open Doors: Monstrous Myths and Legends in which authors write their own hilarious, unique, or even tragic versions of myths and other well-known legends. 

If you'd like to submit a 2,000 word (or less) story or poem for this YA/Adult project, please send it in the body of an email to Charles at waymanpublishing(at)gmail(dot)com no later than 8/2/2013.  Please put "Mythological Anthology" in the subject line.

We're looking forward to this project.  If you have questions about our other anthologies, please visit THIS LINK.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Featured Author: Deb Claxton

Deb Claxton

Deb Claxton grew up reading the humor columns of Erma Bombeck who inspired her dream of finding a husband, living in the suburbs, and having three annoying children.  When that didn’t work out she became a humor writer/newspaper reporter/ photographer instead.
   What do zombies, the Mayan Calendar, deathbed confessions, and Christmas all have in common? They’re just some of the subjects Deb Claxton tackles with her unique brand of humor in, “It Ain’t Heavy –It’s The Lite Side.” For three years Claxton wrote a weekly humor column called “98% Fat Free – The Lite Side.” At the request of her fans, she took her most popular columns along with a lot of new material and published it in her book which takes a humorous look at taxes, sharing too much information, back to school shopping, holidays, movies, music, and much more.
   She is also the contributor to a new Humor Anthology, “My Funny Major Medical.” They say laughter is the best medicine especially since there’s no co-pay. “My 
Funny Major Medical” gives everyone something to laugh at with a variety of stories by some of today’s funniest writers.
   Claxton retired from the newspaper business but she continues to spread her wacky view of the world through her blog, which can be accessed via her Website/Blog at She’s also on Facebook and Twitter @calendarday.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Being Practical By Kimberly Kay

Being Practical 

Kimberly Kay

I've been writing since I was fourteen, and been published a handful of times between there and here, but there still remains that age old question: What do I do to get published?
    People have sought different remedies, and tried everything under the rainbow. But the answer is really quite simple--so simple, most people overlook it. 
    In order to get published you have to do... what you love.
Don't roll your eyes. Passion, from my experience, IS the key to success. Of course, that implies the old cliches everyone knows (if you work in what you love, you'll never work another day in your life). But I really think writing about what you love, and then sending your work to people who love the same things as you... that's when you can get published.
    For example, take my short story, "Being Practical" that was recently published by Wayman Publishing in Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales. When I wrote that piece, I didn't do it because an anthology was looking for fairy tale pieces. I didn't even know that the anthology existed. I wrote "Being Practical" because earlier that week, I was doing what I love: sitting on a couch, watching old fairy tales with my friends (including Rosie Hendrickson, whose short story can also be found in this same anthology), and making fun of bad acting and impractical movie bits that all good old 80s films have. My friends and I joked so much about the impracticality of Cinderella (Why is the carriage always white when made from an orange pumpkin? Why doesn't Cinderella freak out when a strange lady appears in her house? Why can Cinderella never find her own way to the ball?) that I decided to write about it. I wrote the first draft of "Being Practical" for the enjoyment of my friends, and most especially because I knew I would love writing a spoof of Cinderella (I'm a sap for fairy tales). When my friends enjoyed my short story, I began searching for contests/anthologies to enter "Being Practical" into, and stumbled across one Fractured Fairy Tales Anthology. After a great deal of editing (I was 2000 words over limit) I submitted my fairy tale to Wayman Publishing. It was accepted.
    Talent will take you far enough, desire and dedication will too. But if you really want to be published, you  must be passionate about what you write, and then find other people who are passionate about what you write. Simply put, getting published is about... being practical...

About the Author

Kimberly Kay was born and raised in North Salt Lake, Utah, as an avid lover of horses, words, chocolate, and puns. She’s had a recent obsession with fairytales, especially the ones with happy endings. Currently she’s attending Utah Valley University to complete her BA in English while seeking to get her young adult novels (which, to match her obsession, are fairytale retellings) published. Kimberly has previously been published at Stories for Children Magazine (

Monday, December 10, 2012

Featured Author: Robert G. Ferrell

Robert G. Ferrell

Robert G. Ferrell is a lifelong computer geek and amateur radio operator (KF5SAR) living just outside San Antonio, Texas who also exhibits avid interest in writing, history, quantum physics, music, art, and ornithology. He was a finalist for the 2011 Robert Benchley Society Humor Writing Award and has been a humor columnist for ;Login: Magazine since 2006. He has several dozen publications to his credit, the scope and range of which can only be described as eclectic. Or possibly, dyslexic.

Links:  Site, Twitter, Blog, 8baud Blog

Thursday, December 6, 2012

University of Utah Signing--"Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales"

Signing at the University of Utah

 So far Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales has gotten amazing reviews.

Wayman received this email the first day the anthology came out:
"I just read The Little Red Hen Moves to Beverly Hills. I LOVED it!"

Here's a review left on Linkedin:
"The third story in this anthology might be the best short story I have ever read. I have got to find out if the author has written any other stories, so I can read them. If this is the first story the author has had published; I'm begging him [if you haven't started writing your next story yet]; wtf are you waiting for!? Get started already!"  

5-star Reviews on Amazon:
"I especially liked Hanzel and Gretyl: A Boomer Fairy Tale. Kudos to author Timothy Hurley, M.D.
Fairy tale meets modern suspense thriller combining Brothers Grimm, Abbot & Costello and an iPhone."  --Deborah S. Marcus

"Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales is an eclectic compilation of clever, funny & imaginative (& sometimes, even a little scary) takeoffs on well known nursery rhymes & fairy tales. Give yourself and/or your friends a treat & buy this book. It was an absolute joy to read!"  --Fishducky  

"All I can say is, wow! I had no idea there would be this many stories combined into this book. And what is even more impressive, is all are top notch. There are a ton of different writing styles, which allows for everyone to find something they like. Fairy tales have never been so colorful. Add to your must buy list today!"  --Pat Hatt author of The Honk of Zagonk

"Fun book to read! Such fun, interesting variations to the fairy tales! Especially loved the story by Debra Kristi ;The Lonely Egg. Very good writing skills! Such a beautiful story!  Anyone would love these stories! Some made me laugh out loud! Loved the humor and other touching stories.  They warm your heart!  Highly recommend!"  --Veryl

If you'd like to read a sample of Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales, click the following picture:
   Remember that all profit from this book, from now until 12/20, will be donated in the form of Christmas gifts to the children at Primary Children's Hospital.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Book Fair--Discounted & FREE eBooks!

Welcome to the Christmas Book Fair! 


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We're proud to announce the publication of 

Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales.

Much of the profit from this anthology will be donated to Primary Children's Hospital in the form of Christmas gifts we'll bring to the long-term patients staying there.

To celebrate this wonderful release, we've teamed up with many authors to bring you this weekend event.

 For three whole days--December 2-3-4--you can find these eBooks for great prices.

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The hosts would like to thank everyone.
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We hope you've enjoyed discovering new authors and their stories
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