Saturday, December 15, 2012

Featured Author: Deb Claxton

Deb Claxton

Deb Claxton grew up reading the humor columns of Erma Bombeck who inspired her dream of finding a husband, living in the suburbs, and having three annoying children.  When that didn’t work out she became a humor writer/newspaper reporter/ photographer instead.
   What do zombies, the Mayan Calendar, deathbed confessions, and Christmas all have in common? They’re just some of the subjects Deb Claxton tackles with her unique brand of humor in, “It Ain’t Heavy –It’s The Lite Side.” For three years Claxton wrote a weekly humor column called “98% Fat Free – The Lite Side.” At the request of her fans, she took her most popular columns along with a lot of new material and published it in her book which takes a humorous look at taxes, sharing too much information, back to school shopping, holidays, movies, music, and much more.
   She is also the contributor to a new Humor Anthology, “My Funny Major Medical.” They say laughter is the best medicine especially since there’s no co-pay. “My 
Funny Major Medical” gives everyone something to laugh at with a variety of stories by some of today’s funniest writers.
   Claxton retired from the newspaper business but she continues to spread her wacky view of the world through her blog, which can be accessed via her Website/Blog at She’s also on Facebook and Twitter @calendarday.

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