Thursday, November 8, 2012

Author, Journalist, Editor and Reviewer: JL Whitehead

JL Whitehead of The Examiner reviews and promotes the works of authors. He also handles projects that entail proofreading, editing and ghostwriting.

JL Whitehead began writing at the age of twelve while residing in West Philadelphia. Being brought up in the turbulent gang war era of the 70’s, JL’s mother thought it best to keep him inside for his safety. It was then that he turned to creative writing as a means of entertainment and self-expression. Once in high school, he began writing short stories and sharing them with his classmates. Years later, he submitted an editorial piece to PGN Incorporated which evolved into a freelance columnist position. In 1989, he self-published a book of his own poetry entitled, “Universal Words”, and later that same year, he became the cover model as well as one of the contributing poets to “A Warm December” released by Vega Press.

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