Sunday, November 18, 2012

FREE eBooks--A Tribute to EC Stilson's Angel Baby

Zeke Jackson was born on 11/18. At the end of January the following year, he died in my arms.
    Today, to honor my son on his birthday, three of my eBooks are available for FREE download. Here they are:

Zeke would have been ten today. I'll never forget him or the lessons he taught me.

About the Author

Elisa spends most of her time taking care of four rambunctious kids who are better than green eggs and ham. They're pretty darn fun, but despite that, after she had kids, her boobs shrunk, she lost hair, but gained a greater sense of humor!
    When she's not scavenging through the vents, where her son--the Zombie Elf--likes hiding things, she's sewing, playing her violin, or writing.

Twitter: ECwrites

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