Saturday, November 24, 2012

Featured Author: Aimee Davis

Aimee Davis

Aimee was a writer long before she was born. Her hands know little else, and feel most comfortable holding things and tapping things with which ever-afters sing and stories breathe. She married her most favorite character of all time, a boy she met in high school with bedroom eyes and a reckless smile. Next year, they will celebrate 19 years of marriage and the end of his 20-year Army career. They plan on buying Harleys and moving to the beach. They are the parents of two beautiful little muses, their 15 and 17-year-old sons. Her day job is spent writing for doctors, but by night, she is the supreme ruler of infinite worlds created and destroyed with her toolbox of nonsense. She writes about her Earthly oddities at, and her chimera daydreams hold sway at

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