Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Featured Author: Afobos


My name is Afobos, and I'm originally from Greece. My family immigrated to the states in the late 60's ,and I've lived here since. I've always loved writing and have written quite a few things mostly for my own pleasure

Books by Afobos

I'm a massage therapist and have been practicing for the past 17 years--one day I'll get it right!
    I live 30 minutes south of Houston in League City TX with my 3 indoor cats. Outside I have possums, racoons, and lots of squirrels for company.
    I enjoy kayaking, riding sport bikes, the occasional windsurfing, and fighting the never-ending battle of the bulge. I used to be a bodybuilder back in the 80's and it kind of fizzled from there . . .
    I have worked in a lot of different fields ranging from pizza delivery driver to being a cook, teaching English as a foreign language, teaching Greek, being an interpreter, selling ladies' shoes, working private security, being a bodyguard, a delivery driver, etc. . . . Something about working for someone else though has never agreed with me. I guess you can't fire yourself, that's why I like working for myself.
    I speak fluent Greek, a bit of Spanish--which I learned from ex-wife's family--a little German, and you can catch my accent when I mispronounce words like sheets and sheep . . . . I'll let you guess what sheet sounds like when I pronounce it.
    In my line of work (massage therapy) I've learned to replace sheets with linens. Cuts down on stunned looks.

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